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Eurovision 2021 Betting Odds

The Eurovision competition is one of the most popular music events in the world, and Eurovision 2021 betting odds are available for both the contestants and the winners. Last year, Germany and Sweden were the favourites, but the competition is now dominated by France, Spain, Italy, and Ukraine. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your betting on Eurovision 2021:

Sam Ryder

If you’re a fan of UK pop, you may have noticed that Sam Ryder is one of the UK’s entries this year. The 31-year-old singer, who hails from Essex, co-wrote her UK Eurovision entry with Amy Wadge, the Grammy-winning songwriter, and Max Wolfgang. She has over 12 million followers on the social media platform TikTok, and her fans include Alicia Keys, Justin Bieber, and more. If you’re a fan of hers, you may want to check out the odds on Sam Ryder’s Eurovision song.

The UK’s entry to Eurovision has tended to finish near the bottom, and last year James Newman’s ‘Space Man’ came last despite receiving zero points from the juries and the televote. With his strong performance and strong popularity on TikTok, bookmakers believe Sam Ryder can beat the odds with his song Spaceman. While the bookies are not yet predicting a win for Ryder, they do expect him to place high on the winner’s list.

Despite this, the UK has had a rocky relationship with Eurovision in recent years. James Newman’s Embers performance in the 2021 competition ended in zero points. Sam has moved up the odds to make Eurovision the second favorite this year, according to Oddschecker, a site that compares odds from 25 UK bookmakers. This means that if the UK wins the Eurovision 2021 contest, they will have a great chance of making the finals.

The UK has been unable to win Eurovision since the 1997 contest. The UK’s Sam Ryder has drawn a run-order position of 11/1, making the country’s chances of winning even more likely. As long as the UK can perform the song well, the odds are pretty good. There’s no better way to make a great Eurovision debut than by making the UK’s Sam Ryder a favourite.

Kate Miller-Heidke

Despite having little chance of winning the competition, Australian singer Kate Miller-Heidke is a strong bet. Her debut pop single, “As the Sun Rises,” peaked at number 9 and quickly rose to second place. The contest is often considered a kitsch festival, and the odds favor her to take home the crown. However, there is a looming shadow over her potential win.

Despite protests from pro-Palestinian activists, Kate Miller-Heidke has reaffirmed her decision to compete. The opening ceremony was reportedly blocked by protesters, and at least four artists have threatened boycotts. While Kate Miller-Heidke has a great chance to win, the odds do not reflect the final performance on Tuesday. Kate Miller-Heidke’s performance is not the most likely choice, but she will surely be the most popular and best known act of Eurovision 2021.

Despite all this, Kate Miller-Heidke has managed to gain some momentum and a significant jump in her Eurovision betting odds. She has made several appearances on local TV chat shows and promoted her new musical. She was also invited to take part in Eurovision In Concert and filmed postcards for the contest. However, once she returned from Europe, she suspended her appearances on television and radio shows. Moreover, she spent a week in the hospital recovering from a blister. In addition, her health is in question and this has affected the odds for her win.

With Iceland in sixth place, Kate Miller-Heidke has the best chance of winning the semi-final. The song is polarising and unlikely to win, but the quality is good enough to gain votes. Portugal, in contrast, is 29 spots too high and may be affected by resentment against Australia. Still, a poor first semi-final doesn’t have to be a problem in the grand final, and she should not lose her chance.


When Eurovision 2021 was launched in May of last year, Italian fans were in for a treat. The odds for Italy to win the competition were relatively high – seven of the top ten qualifiers made it to the final. However, the country finished in fifth place despite being among the lowest odds in the early April market. Despite this, Italian fans were still hopeful for the country’s entry, ‘Fuego’, which was unlucky not to have made the cut.

Since the beginning of rehearsals, Maneskin have been climbing the odds, reaching the top of the leaderboard just before the semi-finals. Their odds had been as low as 38/5 just a week before the event, but are currently at 9/4. Maneskin’s video has clocked over 200,000 YouTube views. It’s a decade since Italy last competed at the competition, and the country’s singing group is due for a third win, according to betting odds.

In the last Eurovision competition, Italy came fourth, so the betting odds on their country to win have been lowered. The odds on Italy to win are now as low as 11/4. This is a significant drop from the 10/1 odds for Malta, which were given the competition in the past. Malta, Italy, and France are the only countries with Eurovision 2021 betting odds below 10/1, while the other three countries are within the 10/1-20/1 range.

France is the favourite of the Eurovision 2021 final. It was previously ranked fourth, but after the first rehearsal, it jumped to the top spot. France is also considered a contender, but it has struggled to qualify for the semi-finals. Flo Rida is expected to perform the winning song for the country. Despite this, the Eurovision 2021 betting odds for Italy have been steadily rising, and now stand at 33/1.


Ukraine is the favourite to win Eurovision 2021, but the country will not be hosting next year. That said, the organization is preparing contingency plans in case things do not go to plan. Though Eurovision is a non-political event, in recent years it has become a political arena, with current events often factoring into voting. Ukraine hopes to win Eurovision 2021, and if they do, they will earn the right to host the competition again in 2023.

The country has been a regular participant in Eurovision, winning the contest twice in 2004 and 2016. In fact, they’ve been so successful in the competition that bookmakers have cut Ukraine’s Eurovision odds from 14/1 to 6/1. At this price, they might be worth taking a punt, as their past performances have been highly rated by the public. In addition, nine Ukrainian entries have reached the finals, including two winners.

The country has been popular with fans for years, but the current situation makes Ukraine a very strong favourite. The Russian invasion has left Ukraine a war zone, with millions of people forced to flee to Europe. Millions more are unable to leave and have been displaced by the war. Many cities have been devastated. The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyj, has been called a hero. He has even been sanctioned by the UK government for his role in the conflict.

While betting odds are updated regularly, it is still best to place bets on Eurovision as soon as they are released. While Italy was the early favourite, Russia invaded Ukraine, forcing bookmakers to adjust their odds in Ukraine’s favor. Now Italy is the second favourite. It’s wise to place your bets early as soon as the odds are released, and enjoy the excitement. So, if you’re wondering how to place a bet on Eurovision 2021 in Ukraine, consider these tips.


Speculation has risen for the Maltese entry in Eurovision 2021, with the country’s songs skyrocketing in betting odds after the final was announced. Malta’s entry this year, Destiny, was controversial, raising eyebrows with her outfit and a sexy suit. Meanwhile, Malta’s public broadcaster is currently under investigation for allegedly boosting its own entry in betting odds.

The competition is a close call, but some early betting trends have made it seem like Malta is a strong favourite. Malta was a popular favourite at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016 with a song called “Ani agli aglio,” and two of their five songs were among the top choices in betting. Portugal and Austria are two countries that did not make the final last year, but have been highly tipped this year.

Italy was the bookmakers’ favourite last year, but the country’s entry this year is currently only 10/3. France is the current second favourite, while Malta is fourth favourite at 11/4. The contest is broadcast on iPlayer for free. In case you are unable to make it to Malta, you can still follow the results of the contest by tuning in to the broadcaster. That way, you won’t miss anything from the competition.

While the Maltese Eurovision delegation has been accused of misusing taxpayer funds, the government is now investigating its own spending. Abela has ordered an audit of the Eurovision budget, as he received reports that part of the money was spent on Destiny’s single and on overseas social media influencers who published promotional content backing the song. According to Abela, Malta Tourism Authority and Public Broadcasting Services spent EUR300,000 on marketing the Eurovision song contest, but the money didn’t go into lowering betting odds.

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