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Bongos Bingo – A Student Night Out

If you’re a student, you might want to check out Bongos Bingo. It’s a traditional bingo game with a twist! This night out is a blast, with special guest performers and a fun atmosphere! Read on to learn more about this student night out! You might also like:

Bongo’s Bingo is a student night out

One of the best student nights out in Manchester is Bongo’s Bingo, which is held at the Camp and Furnace every Monday. This event has become a firm favorite, starting out as a student night out, and has since spread to numerous venues around the country. It has also been known to make an appearance in cities as far-flung as Australia, Dubai, and Dubai. The weekly residency at the Content is still going strong, and Bongo’s has brought some of the UK’s most famous performers to the city. The event is perfectly legal and is now enjoyed by many, and is a great night out for students.

With a wide range of games to play and cash prizes to be won, Bongo’s is a great night out for students. You can also get a taste of 1970s pop culture at this event, with live performances from the Henry Hoovers. The night is also packed with entertainment, with exclusive performances from S Club 7 and Henry Hoovers. The ’80s pop group were huge in the noughties and will be showcasing some of their greatest hits.

Bongo’s Bingo is a student favorite, with the perfect mix of music, drinks, and a heads-down bingo game. This all-inclusive event first opened in 2015 and has now spread to over 40 locations around the world. It has also featured in the Now Mag and Heat World. The atmosphere at Bongo’s is great for students who want a fun and safe night out, and the staff are always very helpful.

It is a traditional bingo game with a twist

A bingo party is not complete without some funky music. Bongos Bingo is an award-winning bingo rave phenomenon that mixes traditional bingo with dance breaks, confetti cannons, and even drag queens. Not to mention the huge prizes and surprises that go along with the game! So what is the secret to a successful Bongos bingo party? Here are some things you need to know.

Players are given a number of prizes for each number on their bingo cards, and they can win these prizes for free by winning prize draw tickets. The jackpot is sometimes awarded to those who call bingo within 45 balls, while some games have a progressive jackpot for the closest call. Another way to win big is by winning a dance-off. While playing bingo, players must answer trivia questions, perform a dance-off, or even become a musical statue.

The fun factor of Deal Or No Deal bingo is that the players are able to interact with the game and win prizes. They vote on which box they want to win, and the winner could be better or worse off than with No Deal! The bonus game is also linked to a progressive community jackpot. Despite its unusual name, Deal Or No Deal bingo is still available on Playtech software sites. Most of these sites have a mobile app and a desktop version. The app tends to function better than the desktop version.

It is a fun event

Whether you like to spend your Saturday nights at a club or go to a bingo hall, Bongo’s Bingo has something for everyone. The night started out as a club night in Liverpool, where Jonny and Josh were running a pub quiz. Josh was also the founder of another bingo club called Baogo Bingo. The two joined forces to create a bingo night that was just as fun as it was unique. You can win prizes such as Coco Pops, a 23-inch dildo, or a Henry Hoover, but the fun doesn’t stop there. The money raised from your ticket goes back into prize money.

After the bingo game, you can win prizes, such as a Coco Pops Trophy. When you win the Coco Pops Trophy, you have to choose between keeping the box or making it rain! You will also need to share your dance moves with everyone. The caller will announce which bingo card is in play and what winning combinations are. The winner must also own a winning bingo book. Afterward, the caller will verify the winning numbers and award the prize to the winner.

Once you’ve gathered enough tickets to attend a Bongos Bingo event, you can enjoy the fun and excitement of this bingo show. At this event, 90s music will blast from the stage and confetti cannons will explode in the room. The whole atmosphere will be like a dance party! A bongos bingo hall has an unmistakable atmosphere and is sure to impress anyone.

It has special guests

The Bugs were formed in early 2005. They have a new album, “Missle to the Middle East,” and it features many special guests. Here are some of their special guests. This is not an exhaustive list. However, these guest stars are among the most memorable. Read on to learn about all of their guest appearances! They are sure to delight and captivate you! Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned fan of the show, you’ll be able to find something you love on this album.

It is cheap

The price of a ticket to a Bongos Bingo event is relatively cheap, considering the fun and games offered. Typically, tickets cost about PS10 and can include anything from drinks to a fluffy pink unicorn. The prices vary depending on the city and host, but early bird tickets are the cheapest option. Tickets are only good for one night, with the most expensive events costing around PS80. Ticket prices are cheap because the prizes are mainly in the form of fun trophies, including Coco Pops, Henry Hoovers, paper cutouts, and drink bottles.

The first Bongos Bingo night started in Liverpool and has since sold out in several cities around the world. For beginners, there are also similar events like the Bingo Academy where participants can learn the basics of the game. The fun, fast-paced atmosphere and 100% involvement are key features of this event. A visit to Bongos Bingo will leave you feeling like a rock star. Once you’ve had a go at the fun, you’ll be able to join in with your friends and family and win some money.

The prizes awarded at Bongos Bingo events are also quite impressive. Past winners have won everything from sailboats to Porsches to Caribbean vacations! In addition to winning cash, players can also participate in dance-offs where they can win prizes like stuffed animals, Coco Pops, and Henry Hoovers. The prizes for these events are truly impressive, and are well worth the price of admission. If you’re curious about the prizes, check out their website and check out a Bongos Bingo near you.

It has cash prizes

In a place that blends traditional bingo with old-school rave, it makes for a unique night out. The music, dance-offs, and other events are sure to keep everyone dancing and entertained. In the case of Bongo’s Bingo, there’s even a celebrity guest performing at the event! The fun and excitement continues after the game has ended, with sidekicks Sweaty Betty and Jonny Bongo performing at the venue.

The quirky games are a main feature of Bongo’s Bingo, which also happens to feature some very cool prizes. Henry Hoover is coming back to perform at the event, and attendees can expect exclusive performances from S Club 7 – a popular noughties pop group. The songs will be played during the show, and attendees will have the chance to win cash prizes! You can even win a Caribbean vacation or a Porce if you’re lucky!

At bongos bingo, the host of the evening will often call winners on stage for a 15-minute rave. In addition to the cash prizes, there are usually other contests going on between rounds, including dance-offs. In addition, free prize draw tickets are sometimes given out to winners before the game begins. Once the winners are announced, the prizes are matched up. This means that the bingo winner can dance to his heart’s content and even multitask while playing.

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